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...just wanted to thank you for all of the hard work on the show and dedication to us as dancers and people. It means so much to me to have been on this journey with you for the last 9 years. I have learned so much and am so grateful to you for having enabled me to discover and nurture my love for flamenco. My sincerest gratitude to you for all that you do as a teacher, artist, and friend.
Mil abrazos!!!, Talia C.

Dear Ms. Garcia,
Thank you so much for the wonderful performance. -Yoshiko S.

Dearest Dionisia,
Thank you for the opportunity to join you all in this year's performance.  It was truly beautiful!
As you might remember I originally didn't want to participate since I felt I had only just started taking classes but you convinced me to join.  I had fun meeting the dancers in the other classes and also getting to know more deeply my classmates and making new friends : )
Peace, Sarah

Thank YOU!!! I was watching the show last night, and I thought to myself, that you have taken people who, some have never danced flamenco before, and have turned them into such passionate and accomplished dancers. Its a true testament to your passion and patience as a teacher. What a great thing to be a part of. -Nina S.

Thank you Dionisia!!! It truly was a great experience. Beside learning more from rehearsal and thru the performances I made mistakes and I remember so I can correct myself and make a progress, I really like it and enjoyed it very much.
 I like our backstage especially, we are from different class, but the passion of dance, the love for flamenco bring us together and we helped each other out at "the backstage", we shared the same laughter and experienced the same problems, its the first time i ever feel so close to the whole team, I really really liked it. Thank you so much Dionisia! - Best, Ting H.

Hi Dionisia, thank you for the amazing opportunity. I know I make some mistakes, but I appreciate your patience and hard work with me. Flamenco recital time is always my favorite time of the year. -Brinda G.

Thank you for generous e-mail and I enjoyed filling myself with passion, love and joy. -Yukie A.

Hi Dionisia! Thank YOU for this great experience. We had so much fun, more than at any other performances before. -Natasha

Dionisia, I have never been so touched by the power of a woman as with this show. There was such power displayed that I saw women through a completely different lens than before. This had to be by design, and I applaud you for this. More men like me need to see this performance. 
I am visiting from Bermuda and I would be more than happy to shaw  if you would email me so that I can give your name to the Winter Festival people there and maybe others with a view to having your bring your group there.  Of course, I'm dreaming, but we have to dream.
Regardless, please send me an invitation for next year's performances. I would love for my wife and daughter to have the experience. I'll share this secret with friends living here too.
Best regards, Fred M.

Thank you so much for teaching us and giving us the opportunity to perform! It was a wonderful experience. - Sabina M.

Dear Dionisia, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience of participating in the show over the weekend - especially the second day when I was less nervous! :) I hope you have a great vacation in Spain and cannot wait for the classes to restart in September! Thank you again for everything and see you soon, Doria

Thank you for all your encouragement. My family and friends thoroughly enjoyed it.
Best wishes from my heart, Geetha

Thank you. Special thanks for meeting my parents. They have heard so much about you and it meant a lot to me. You have quietly had a positive impact in my life, one golpe at a time. I think you are a wonderful, insightful teacher and actually care about what you do. 
Lots of love and respect, Geetha 

Dear Dionisia,
I'm Dorothy K. and I'm in your Wednesday evening Absolute Beginners Workshop. You may not remember, but you and I had had a lovely long chat on the Friday before I took the plunge and signed up for the class. I described to you the intense demands of my schedule (demanding job, young child, etc.) and my desire (and need!) to do a bit more for me and my "soul".  I was very impressed by your manner on the phone: unrushed, thoughtful and caring. You are a very good listener -- a rare quality. That conversation convinced me to try the workshop.
I wanted to reach out to you to say how impressed I was with the first class last Wednesday. I loved the fact that we did not even start moving for the first 15 minutes or so. In addition to wanting to get to know us a bit, you also wished to have us connect on a deeper level with our bodies, our minds and with the necessity of listening. You have quite a special spirit, Dionisia, but I'm sure many people have told you that already.
I also love the emphasis that you placed on music. Since my earliest childhood days, music has had a place of profound importance in my life. Indeed I worked for many years in the music industry (mostly in classical music) and life without music for me would be inconceivable. - Dorothy K.

Hi Dionisia, Thank you so much for your dedication and enthusiasm!!
I truly had a great experience of learning Flamenco from you. Although I have a little bit dancing experiences, Flamenco is different from what I learned and challenging. But, this is what I was and am looking for. And, looking forward to learning more!!
Best Regards, Natsuki S.

Doña Dionisia, Gracias por su email. Su clase ayer realmente me dio vida y una alegría que no puedo expresar. Un montón de gracias por compartir su arte y talento con nosotros. I look forward to growing beyond this workshop in flamenco- hopefully I will be in your studio for a while! Thank you again for the opportunity to learn one of my most favorite art forms. Con cariño, Hedieh 

Hello, Thank you so much for such a wonderful first class and a beautiful song. Looking forward to this Wednesday's class. Thanks for your attitude and inspiration. Hasta luego, Yuliya H.

Dear Dionisia, Thank you too for teaching as well about Flamenco. I think your passion for flamenco has done good for your students. Thank you. Wishing you more power and success in the many more years to come in sharing the expression of your craft and talent .  May the spirit of the holiday season bring warmth and joy to you and your family. Cheers, Ruth C.

Hello Dionisia, As I write to you, I am listening to Armik. I love music and since your class, I've been listening to a Flamenco Internet radio station at work. Thanks for the suggested flamenco music to listen too.  I can't wait to hear it. Your class so far was enjoyable and interesting. Your philosophy on the art of listening to music is quite fascinating and totally unexpected. So I appreciate it. And now I have Diana Navarro singing - beautiful. Regards, Joanna C.

Hello Dionisia, The workshop was fantastic!!!! I sure enjoyed it a lot and look forward to continue with the classes. -Lilian

Hello Dionisia, I love, love, love flamenco and was so happy to be in your class. I have no former dance experience, flamenco or otherwise, but as we discussed at my one and only class, I definitely FEEL and hear the music. Thank you again. It was alot of fun. - Evelyn B.

Hola Señorita Garcia, Soy muy bien y gracias por la inspiration musical bonita de Carlos Piñana. La gran inspiration por mi es la pelicula "Vengo" de Tony Gatlif. Perdonen mi espanol, estoy aprendiendo. :) Hasta pronto, Agnieszka C.

Hola, Dionisia, y muchas gracias!  Wonderful, inspiring music.  I absolutely loved it. I truly enjoyed the workshop last week and look forward to another great evening! Saludos, Mari L.

Hi Dionisia, There has been such a change in me since taking your class.  The honesty in the way you teach, the way you use your words and how I visualize them and let them sink into my body. I truly feel like I've changed from day one till now. So I suppose your class has been my biggest inspiration thus far. I want to get better, go forward and be able to be one w/ the music. So thank you for that! Kimberely

Hello!! Thanks for sharing the song. I loved it!! It was for sure a fantastic class. Can't wait for next week. See you soon!! - Lilian R.

Hi Dionisia, Thank you for the wonderful music piece--it gives me so much positive energy. I really look forward to our next meeting on Wednesday. Have a great weekend! Best, Ellie

Dear Dionisia, I am writing first and foremost to thank you for the joy that your classes have brought me.  I have felt a freedom and pleasure in your classes that was unexpected and much needed.  I have looked forward to you classes as moment where I could be fully present and inhabit my body, discover it in a new way. As I mentioned to you, I spend a lot of time living in my head, and have, for many reasons, lived disconnected from my body. Your classes were a moment where I could begin to forge a relationship with my body and discover the joy of expressing and communicating in a physical language. - N.I.

Dear Dionisia, Thank you for giving us tremendous dance experience again. Thank you for all your hard work, I know you work so hard, harder than everyone of us, I really really respect you and always inspired by you, really appreiciate your love and support. I feel more confident and more motivated, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Hope you have a restful weekend. See you in class next week. :) Best, Ting H.

Hi Dionisia, I just wanted to say thank you for your inspiration, passion and hard work for teaching!
To be honest with you, I was exhausted before I came to today's class. But, now it's gone and I feel great! :) Warmly, Natsuki

Thank you for a wonderful class today. I loved it. I also felt like I learned a lot and had a lot of fun.
Gracias! Nina S

Hi Dionisia, I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful teaching. I have been taking your class for 7-8 months, and I have been always thinking you as a passionate teacher. You are very special teacher and dancer. Being a language teacher myself, I understand how difficult it is to teach and send messages to students. I will work harder so I won't disappoint you! Thanks again for your great work! Love, Jisuk

Hola Dionisia, Muchísimas gracias por enseñarnos a bailar. A los chicos les encanto tener la experiencia de aprender a bailar y nosotras como maestras quedamos impresionadas con su talento y disciplina. Esperamos llevar otro grupo de chicos el próximo año! Saludos, Patricia y los alumnos de BHMS