Flamenco NYC Art Foundation serves the greater New York City public by providing
consistent educational programs in the art of Flamenco Dance and Music. Since January 2000,
we have been providing flamenco classes for students of all levels including those with
no previous dance or music background.

Flamenco is a cultural practice that is included in UNESCO's list of intangible cultural
in need of urgent safeguarding, which is composed of cultural elements
that require immediate measures to keep alive.

Centuries ago Andalusia, Spain (a place where flamenco found a perfect environment to grow)
went through a period of time when all cultures, religions and communities were living together
in total harmony. In NYC, we have been experiencing a very similar situation where people from
diverse cultural backgrounds come together to create, to work, to live...and this is reflected in
our actual flamenco community.

Our mission is not only to teach people the art of Flamenco but to create a
Flamenco community in the NYC area that is providing our students and other
enthusiasts with the opportunity to improve their knowledge of flamenco, to
host performances for the general public, and to invite friends and community
members to experience this cultural heritage.

We would appreciate any donation to continue building this dream
in the heart of New York City.

© 2010 Dionisia García, New York City

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