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1. Do I need any previous dance experience?
Every person's experience is different. If you have not taken any flamenco dance classes
before, if you have taken a few classes here and there, or if you studied flamenco a long
time ago, I recommend that you take the next “Workshop”. These workshops are designed
to help you build the necessary technique and muscles to have a safe and pleasurable flamenco
experience. Otherwise, please contact me to figure out which class level suits you better.
Keep in mind that class levels cannot be precisely defined and that I may ask you to attend
a different level according to the techniques you have or lack to make sure that you are both enjoying your experience and being challenged.

2. Do I need a partner for the class?

No, flamenco is traditionally danced solo. If there is a paired choreography, one of your
fellow students will be happy to partner with you.

3. Are classes open to men?

Yes, everyone is welcome, regardless of gender, gender identity, and gender expression.

4. Am I too old for flamenco?

Flamenco has something for everyone. No one is too old for dancing and it is
never too late to start.

5. When do new classes begin?

The classes and workshops are ongoing. Check the class and workshop
schedules and join at anytime.

6. I have some dance experience, should I begin at a more advanced level?

I always recommend, even with some flamenco experience, that you start with a few
beginner classes as a warm up.

7. Do I need to purchase flamenco shoes before taking classes?

No, take some classes first. When it's time for serious shoes, you'll know.

8. Where can I buy flamenco shoes?

If you would like to get good-quality, hand-made flamenco shoes from Spain, please first come
and talk to me. I can recommend specific styles, heel types, and heel heights according to your needs in class. I have a Spanish shoemaker I use to order shoes and I can help you put an order through. It is sometimes possible to combine orders to save on shipping costs. Please keep in mind that since shoes are hand made orders may take several weeks to arrive.

9. What should I wear to class?

Women can begin with any comfortable shoes with sturdy, wide heels that are 1 1/2 to 3 inches high and hard soles (no platforms). A full ankle length skirt with a flair is best. Men can wear fairly close fitting shirts and pants, and sturdy shoes or low boots with 1 to 1 1/2 inch heels. Please keep in mind that it is important to choose something you are comfortable in.
Please avoid using shoes with a black rubber sole or heel, or shoes that have been polished around the tip and heel with dark polish.

10. Do we have a guitarist in the class?

Yes, we have a guitarist for the more advanced classes. Beginner classes are generally taught to recorded music.

11. Can I pay for a group of lessons in advance?

Yes, discount class cards are available. These cards are valid for 6 months and are non-refundable.

Group Class - Individual
1 hour - $25
1.5 hours - $30

Group Class - Discount Class Cards:
8 classes 1 hour - $168
8 classes 1.5 hours - $220

Bata de cola - $30

Castanets - $25

12. Can I pay for classes, class cards, and workshops online?

Yes, you can pay online using Google Checkout and PayPal. Please Click Here to make an online payment. Even if you want to send us direct online payment via PayPal you should check the prices on our payments page before sending your payment. You will see that prices include Google Checkout and PayPal fees and may change according to Google and PayPal fee rates. You do not need a PayPal account to make an online payment using PayPal. You do need a Google Checkout account to make a payment with Google Checkout, which is free to set up.

13. What is your make-up policy for missed workshop classes?

Students can make up one and only one missed class of an Absolute Beginners Workshop. The make-up class has to be taken 10 days within the conclusion of the workshop. Students can make-up the missed workshop class with a regular Beginners 1 class. Workshop cards are non-refundable and if students miss more than one class, they will not be compensated for these missed classes.

14. Are private lessons available?

Private lessons are available by appointment. Please contact me to make an appointment.

15. Can I give lessons as a gift?

We are happy make up gift vouchers for any number of group classes or private lessons.

16. Can you recommend some music to listen to and to practice the flamenco palos?

I recommend that you obtain the Solo Compás CDs from Original Future Sounds - Sevilla to learn and practice the flamenco palos.

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