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Palos are the different musical forms of Flamenco (ie. Bulerias, Fandangos, Tientos etc.)
Compás is the repeated beat pattern of a particular palo.

Click to see a family tree of the Flamenco Palos.

The chart below is of the basic 12 beat palos. The stressed beats are indicated in
the lighter color. Keep in mind that Flamenco is notorious for innovation and you
will encounter many compás variations.


Palos with a 4 or 8 beat compás include: Colombianas, Farrucas, Danza Mora, Garrotín,
Milongas, Rumbas, Tangos, Tanguillos, Tientos, Tarantos & Zambras.

Palos with a 3 or 6 beat compás include: Boleros, Fandangos, Granainas, Malagueñas,
Rondeñas, Sevillanas & Verdiales.


Here are samples of a few of the palos. They are in "mp3" format and very short.
Alegrías     Bulerías     Fandangos     Peteneras     Soleá     Sevillanas     Tangos

These samples are in the fast loading "midi" format so you will not be hearing guitar music,
but computer generated sound.

Alegrías     Bulerías     Guajiras     Malagueña     Rumba     Sevillanas     Tarantas

These midis were created by and are courtesy of Flamenco guitarist Sal Bonavita.


Metronome Online
A simple online metronome to help keep you on time.

Compás Flamenco Metronome
An affordable computer program you can download for Windows and Mac designed
specifically for flamenco.

Jas's Midi Hand Drum Rhythm Generator
A free online rhythm generator that allows you to generate rhythms with any number of
accented and non-accented beats. For example, a DttDttDtDtDt will provide you with one
of the main compás patterns for bulería. You can adjust the tempo (40 to 300) and
download the rhythms you create in midi format.

© 2010 Dionisia García, New York City

The chart below shows the relationship of these palos and illustrates that the patterns are the
same, their only differences lie in where they start and stop.