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Born in Spain, Dionisia García studied classic ballet
with Marichu and Emilia Bailo, and flamenco at the
prestigious Madrid flamenco studio, Amor de Dios, with
María Magdalena, Tomás de Madrid, Carmela Greco,
La Tati, Belén Fernández among others. She continued
her professional studies with Isabel Quintero, Merche
Esmeralda, and in Sevilla with Milagros Mengíbar and
Rafael Campallo. In 1993, Ms.García performed with
Julia Grecos at the Festival D'Estiu Tarragona and in
1995, she received the Spanish National Theater Award
and represented Spain at the World Film Theater & Dance
Festival held in Avignon, France. The French periodical,
La Dauphine, acclaimed her performance of "the superb
flamenco dance numbers of Soledad and Lupe Sino". In
the last 15 years, Ms.García has, by invitation, performed
in Portugal, Argentina, Russia, Mexico, France, Sweden
and the United States. Dionisia García currently resides
in New York City, where she continues to both perform
and teach the art of flamenco.

© 2010 Dionisia García, New York City